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Applicator sticks Large 6" 500Pack

Applicator sticks Large 6" 500Pack

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The creative possibilities are endless when your child has this pack of Go CreateJumbo Craft Sticks. This kit contains 300 pieces of various colors that you can mix and match to form just about anything. Use it to make a model house, a puppet, a functional picture frame, to design an ornament, build a diorama and so much more. Go CreateJumbo Craft Sticks can be decorated with glitter, paint, markers, crayons and other creative materials. The pack comes with craft ideas to help users get started. Go Createcraft sticks are made of natural wood.

Go Create Wood Jumbo Craft Sticks, 300 Pack:

  • Use to make wooden creations
  • Build 3-D models, make a picture frame, create puppets and more
  • Bonus project ideas included
  • Decorate the surface with paint, markers, crayons, glitter and more
  • Pack contains 300 jumbo wood craft sticks
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